The BreezzWay
Professional Massage and Body Therapy
(21) 351 - 3464
(217) 351-3464

801 N. Dunlap Ave.
Savoy, IL  61874
Professional Massage & Body Therapy
(217) 351-3464
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Contact Us
801 N. Dunlap Ave.            Savoy, IL  61874
Please call or text to schedule your massage.
I am  by appointment only.
Located ... on the  2nd floor  at the Senator's Inn.
8 am  -

I take my last appointment at  11:00 am.
every other  Saturday
Monday - Friday
10 am  -

I take my last appointment at  6:15 pm.
Please park anywhere you would like and ignore all of the parking signs.  If you are handicap or need to be closer to the door please feel free to use the handicapped parking...with or without a sign in your window.